From our experience, we've encountered a major problem with institutions and businesses using data science: there's so much information, but it's unclear what you can gain from it, and how you can use it to your advantage.

There’s gathering data, and then there’s putting it to use. Modern machine-learning methods in data science have tons of power, but there are limitations: the capabilities. The analysis. The confusing platform. We’ll design a custom product that works with you, and for you—so you can actually put your data to work.

Past Data Science Projects

  • Designed a neural network that determines data file type being submitted by clients without needing to parse the file so it can be inserted into a database or flagged for possible errors for an Ed-Tech non-profit.

  • Utilized an association rule learning model to help researchers determine common K-12 course trajectories, and polynomial logistic model to identify students who could succeed if given better guidance, for an education research group.

  • Designed a bootstrap-aggregation ("bagging") algorithm to create matched samples, when propensity-score and other modern matching methods wouldn't suffice, for early childhood development researchers.