Data Systems

For us, data systems include everything from bare metal to computational environments to analytical databases to dashboards that display your data, automated reports that disseminate it, and the code that makes it all run smoothly. We've built and maintained it all, and are ready to help you get your data system up and running.

Some Past Projects:

  • Designed a data portal that gives a research study point-and-click access to explore their data and build, quality-check, and export analytical data sets for a consortium of autism research sites.
  • Built the analytical database infrastructure for a large data processing pipeline as well as the high-performance database needed to serve a live client-facing dashboard for a consortium of K-12 school districts.
  • Containerized machine learning models and made them available for use via HTTP API requests, allowing a heavily used and constantly updating model within that organization to be available to any user, reducing fragmentation and increasing use. Built for an ed-tech non-profit.

We also specialize in data analysis and data science.