Data Analysis

With experience in academia, industry, and the non-profit worlds, working with data too large to fit into computer memory and too small to model, across disciplines as diverse as Education, Psychophysiology, Agriculture, Genomics, and more, we have both the technological and scientific backgrounds needed to tackle any data analysis problem.

And because we want your data to be used well, we won't just give you results, we'll also give you guidance on how to interpret and use those results. And since we want you to succeed, we can help you set up the infrastructure needed to monitor the continued validity of those analyses and notify you if a change in course is needed.

Some Past Projects:

  • Extracted audio from hundreds of hours of video recordings of parent-child interactions and analyzed vocal exchanges for imitation patterns for an autism research center.
  • Uncovered alarming trends in teacher mobility with concrete policy implications in a large urban public school district for and education research group.
  • Wrote open source software to make it easier for agricultural researchers to analyze field trials, by creating a GUI to R code that runs sound statistical hypothesis tests based on the experimental design used.  See it in action here. Built for a large agriculture NGO.

We also specialize in data science and custom data systems.