We put your data to work.

R. King Data Consultants have a decade of hands on experience working with data in fields as diverse as education, psychophysiology, agriculture, and genomics. We offer services to start-ups, researchers, non-profits, and NGOs in data science, computational infrastructure, research support, ETL pipelines, and much more.


We give you results and help you use them.

Too often we seen high quality data analysis projects get passed on in well-designed reports, with little to no guidance on how to use the results. R. King Data Consultants want your data to work, so we'll give you recommendations on how to use the results and support on evaluating implementation.


Who We Are

Our owner, R. King, firmly believes data can and should be used for the greater good. So we approach every problem with a hacker's mentality and a social activist's heart, building powerful tools and uncovering hidden information in vast data stores, always with an intersectional framework.


What We Do

We have years of experience and a passion for understanding hidden trends in complex data sets. Learn what you can uncover with Data Analysis →

Predictive Modeling? Machine Learning Pipelines? We can make your data work for you. Learn how you can do more with Data Science →

Need to tune your in-house computational environment? Need to set up an analytical database to serve a dashboard? Want a custom dashboard for slicing, viewing, and exporting data from a relational database? We do that. Learn what's possible with Data Systems →


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